How to Donate

Welcome to the starting line on this journey back to the NCAAs!

First and foremost, you can donate to The Firetower Project at this link:

Donate to the Firetower Project

Make sure the “Selected Designation” on the giving page reads: “Firetower Project Men’s Cross Country Scholarship Fund”.

To help guide your giving, please review the following:

The Firetower Project’s success within 5 years is predicated on 5 year annual pledged donations. In order to take advantage of tax benefits of your donation this year, it is strongly advised to do so before the end of the calendar year. Thus, for 2020, a lump sum may be in your best interest. Once the calendar turns to 2021, the option of a monthly scheduled donation may be a better option. One time yearly pledges are also greatly appreciated.

Below are some of Firetower Project’s suggested plans for victory. Let’s lace ‘em up.

  • NCAA Championship Plan: $94.00/month ($1128/year)

  • Firetower Climb Plan: $83.33/month ($1000/year)

  • Elevate AppState Men’s XC Plan: $33.33/month (400/year)

  • Dollar a Day Plan: $30.00/month ($360/year)

  • All-Region Plan: $25.00/month ($300/year)

  • 2020 sucks Plan: $20.00/month ($240/year)

  • Conference Champions Plan: $13.00/month ($156/year)

  • The legendary team from a legendary year - Fereshetian Plan: $1994.00/year

  • 25 years of conference championships - Curcio Plan: $2500.00/year

  • First to the Firetower: $5000/year

Did you know about employee matching possibilities?

Once you are on the donation page to make a gift, you can search to see if your company is listed as a matching gift company. Each company’s matching gift policy can vary; it’s best to consult with your company, and if you’re note sure who to contact, start with Human Resources or check the website thoroughly.

If you are married, your spouse may work for a matching gift company and you can have the opportunity to utilize that for gifts to the Firetower Project. Complete your employer’s matching gift form and mail it to:

Advancement Services

ASU Box 32014

Boone, NC 28608-2014

Yes, this requires some old fashioned snail mail, but it is the closest thing to free money in this world! Can you imagine running the manor + maze loop once, and having that be 14 miles of training? Finally, because matching gift companies vary, some companies will fulfill the match annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. Also, due to the economy, some companies may have suspended their matching gift policies.

For any questions regarding one time or recurring pledges and donations, clarification, employee matching possibilities (double your pledges) and advise on other options to join the cause, please send a message to AppState XC alumnus and Appalachian Foundation executive Ethan Dodson at