Is there a minimum to donate?


Do I donate at one time or multiple times?

There are multiple ways to contribute. One lump sum or monthly. Most people tend to do a pledge every year over 5 years. The group can work with you on other ideas that will work for you the best.

What will happen to the money if the men’s XC program gets cut?

In The Firetower Project’s contract with the ASU Foundation, this money will be available to student athletes on scholarship who choose to stay at App, with any remaining funds directed to the women’s cross country program.

Is it possible for my money to be refunded if the men’s XC program is cut?

Unfortunately, no.

If we’re Yosef Club members, will we get priority points for these donations?

No. Our fund is managed by the ASU Foundation, and not the Yosef Club, so you will not receive priority points (that go towards Football season tickets or parking) for your donation. However, the entire amount of your donation will be eligible for a tax deduction, depending on your specific circumstances.

Given that Men’s Indoor Track was recently cut, shouldn’t we be worried that other XC and track programs will be cut at ASU?

In full transparency, we have no guarantee that any other programs won’t be cut. While we are all disappointed with the decision to cut Men’s indoor track, the Firetower Project feels the time is right to continue with our fundraising efforts now more than ever.

Is $65,000 enough to achieve our goals?

It’s a starting point, and is certainly enough to make a difference. It’s a challenging goal, but we also feel it’s attainable. We feel it’s enough to change the conversation around where we can go as program. We also feel that our success at raising funds will motivate other donors as well when they see that the program is on the rise and has a chance at making NCAA’s.